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Bowling News

The Green Is Now Closed

The final match of the season was played on our green Monday October 1st. Anyone who has visited the club since then may have noticed that work has already begun to prepare the green for the coming winter and the 2019 season. Therefore please do not use the green. It will reopen in late March 2019. Thank you for your co-operation.

'Most Improved Green in Huddersfield' Award 2018

The secretary of the Huddersfield & District Bowling Association has notified us that our green has been awarded the 'Most Improved Green In Huddersfield' award for 2018. As many will be aware, the captains of visiting mens teams in the Saturday afternoon Huddersfield league award marks out of ten for the condition of the green. This season our green has been awarded an average of 7.74 meaning we finished 15th best (of 48) green in Huddersfield in 2018. Regrettably last season we only registered an average mark of only 4.92 meaning we were ranked the worst green.

The turnaround is mainly down to two people - our greenkeeper, John Delmonte, and our green consultant, Dave Fletcher. Their efforts over the past year have now been rewarded. I'm sure everyone at the club will be delighted by this award and the committee are very thankful to them. Hopefully the green will continue to improve and maybe in 2019 we can crack the top 10!

It should be noted that Dave Fletcher is also used as a green consultant by Golcar Liberal Club and Rastrick BC. Both those greens are ranked in the top 5 for 2018. Evidently, when it comes to bowling greens he knows his stuff and hopefully in a season or two ours will join them.