Latest News

Latest News

Suggestion Book

The committee is always open to new ideas from club members. For that reason, a few years ago a suggestion book was placed on the table beneath the whiteboard to the left side of the bar as you enter the club. This book is checked before every committee meeting so it’s contents can be considered for discussion however it is very rare for it to contain anything new.

If anyone has any ideas as to how the club could be better run, improve the facilities, etc. please write them down in the book. If you’d like feedback on your comments then you’ll also have to leave your name, otherwise you can remain anonymous.

Card Payments At The Bar

Payments can now be made by card at the club bar. All major card types are accepted including Visa Credit and Debit, Mastercard and American Express. Due to the very low levels of cash kept on our premises, cashback is not available.

Also, there is no intention to issue receipts as our card machine is not connected to a printer and alternative means would prove time-consuming for the bar staff. Thank you for your understanding.

Safeguarding Officer

We are pleased to announce that Malcolm Wragg has very kindly volunteered to fulfil the role of Outlane Bowling Club’s very first Safeguarding Officer. We will be making his contact details available behind the bar in due course.

The role of a Safeguarding Officer is to be a point of contact and advice for any members or visitors who feel threatened, intimidated or uncomfortable while they are at the club. This is primarily aimed at children and vulnerable adults but Malcolm will be open to approach from anyone in need of his help. The bowling authorities, our club and other bowling clubs are all committed to the safety and welfare of their members and visitors.

Many thanks to Malcolm for offering to carry out this role.


As requested by many customers, during autumn 2016 Sky Sports was reintroduced at the club. Naturally, we welcome well-behaved, respectful fans of all teams and all sports. Anyone who wishes to watch a particular match / event is welcome to enjoy it at the club, regardless of whether it is on Sky or on a terrestrial channel. If customer numbers are sufficient, for certain events the club opening hours could be extended. Posters around the club show imminent high-profile sporting fixtures covered by Sky that will be shown during club opening hours.