Latest News

Latest News

A.G.M. - Friday 16th March, 8pm.

The Outlane Bowling Club A.G.M. will be held on Friday 16th March at 8pm. All members are encouraged to attend. If you care about your club and the way it is run, please come along and have your say.

Subscriptions Increase for 2018

Membership subscriptions for 2018 are now due for renewal. Please see the 'Membership' page for the new subscriptions rates.

Safeguarding Officer - A Volunteer is Required

The government sponsored body, Sport England, have issued a directive to the British Crown Green Bowling Association to the effect that, by March 2019 every bowling club must have a recognised Safeguarding Officer. This is also being actively promoted by the Yorkshire Crown Green Bowling Association and the Huddersfield & District Bowling Association, both of whom have appointed Safeguarding Officers themselves to help roll this out to their member clubs. Therefore, here at our club we are seeking a volunteer for this role.

The role of a Safeguarding Officer is to be a point of contact and advice for any members or visitors who feel threatened, intimidated or uncomfortable while they are at the club. This is primarily aimed at children and vulnerable adults but the officer should be open to approach from anyone who feels they need them. 

 Even though this is being driven through bowling, any adult member of the club can take up this role. Obviously it would be impractical to expect the officer to always be present at the club, but their contact details need to be available for anyone who requires them. A DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) check will be necessary and will need repeating every three years or whenever the person in the role changes. Anyone interested in fulfilling the role can make themselves know to any member of the bowling club committee.

The bowling authorities, our club and other bowling clubs are all committed to the safety and welfare of their members and visitors.


As requested by many customers, during autumn 2016 Sky Sports was reintroduced and, unless you have been marooned on a desert island since last April, you're probably aware that Huddersfield Town are now in the Premier League. This means that more of their matches will appear on Sky Sports this season. Their upcoming matches scheduled for coverage by Sky Sports are shown below and, of course, the club (and bar) will be open to show each one. Also, for those watching free sandwiches and other nibbles will be provided. 

No upcoming Huddersfield Town games


Naturally, we welcome well-behaved, respectful fans of all teams and all sports. Anyone who wishes to watch a particular match / event is welcome to enjoy it at the club, regardless of whether it is on Sky or on a terrestrial channel. If customer numbers are sufficient, for certain events the club opening hours could be extended. Posters around the club show imminent high-profile sporting fixtures covered by Sky that will be shown during club opening hours.